Layla Holiday reviews Shaun Williams: ‘Work Crush’

Max, the narrator of the fantasy-filled, frisky short story ‘Work Crush’ gives us a snapshot of just how easily the workplace can heat up over the duration of a single afternoon.


Prior to his lunch break, Max’s thoughts turned to his young, sultry colleague, Junior. Let’s just say, Max uses his lunchbreak productively, well, perhaps the way he spends his break will increase post-lunch productivity.


But work place restrooms are anything but private! When overheard in the bathroom, Max must muster the courage to return to his desk. But who heard him? Could this be the final straw for Max? Will he be marched up the HR and sacked on the spot, or will he land in some other, rather unexpected, sack?


Between the narrator’s autobiographical statements, and the office’s instant-messaging dialogue between Max and Junior, we are left with a deeper sense that this is just a little foreplay, preparing us, warming us up for what is yet to come.


Author Shaun Williams, in ‘Work Crush,’ gives us a snapshot of a man, in the thrall of fantasy, grappling with the boredom of the mundane as well as the boner in his not-so-discreet slacks. The narrator wants the afternoon to flyby, but his embarrassment paired with the building suspense, regarding the night ahead, leaves time dragging.

‘Work Crush’, is available now.

See more titles from Shaun Williams here and follow him on Twitter here




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