Book Review – Cuffs and Protesters

Thrilled to have ‘Cuffs & Protests’ reviewed by SillySlutBoy.

Confessions of a Socially Awkward Slut

I recently had the pleasure to read Cuffs and Protests by Layla Holiday.   This fun tale of lesbian erotica will leave you panting for more!  Kat is a cop, and has learned that she will be part of a group of officers raiding the encampment of environmental protestors trying to stop corporate an evil corporate giant from destroying the environment.  Her lover, Elle, is an environmental lawyer who has been part of this protest for a very long time.  When Elle learns the news, she is less than pleased.  Their relationship is in peril!  Will things work out for the better for Kat and Elle, or go south?  You’ll just have to read the book to find out!  Rest assured, if you enjoy a good lesbian erotic tale, this book will not disappoint!  This is the first in the author’s Cops Gone Wild series, and well, the ending will keep…

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